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#16, RE: (NF?) The Only Thing
Posted by drakensis on Apr-30-13 at 01:31 AM
In response to message #7
>Well, historically, female Time Lords have always been better at
>regeneration. (Romana, Destiny of the Daleks).
>Of course, historically, the Doctor's always been absolute rubbish at
>regenerations, as well. Sometimes, (Third to Fourth, Fifth to Sixth)
>he seems like he's not going to regenerate at all and just die. I
>suspect that he wasn't paying attention in that class (he and the
>Master were probably getting into trouble playing pranks on other
>students :)

My personal head-canon for Doctor Who (for which I claim no actual _evidence_) is that regeneration involved the Time Lord essentially 'restoring' his body from 'back-up' but where that 'back-up' is alternate possiblity of their life that never came to be. So it's possible that they will look very similar but the odds are against it. Also the post-regeneration issues are usually because a section of the Time Lord's mind is straightening out the real memories from those of the alternate timeline that only exists in the new body's mind.

Of course, I also treat the 12 regenerations as more the 'Gallifrey Book of Records' number than as a hard limit. It's not as if Time Lords go out of their way to surpass it but if you're dying _anyway_ then you may as well try.