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#2, Notes
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-27-13 at 00:56 AM
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- Yes, that is Julie d'Aubigny de la Maupin.

- And Captain Jack Harkness. In the same TARDIS. At the same time.

- That is in fact the settee from The Settee of Trokhaimartolgriffin.

- I didn't actually set out to design this incident so that it happened while the Doctor was in Barcelona, but it unfolded that way, and I decided I rather like it. The question now is whether Rose will even mention it the next time he sees her, or leave him to figure out for himself that it happened.

- This is probably why the Phoenix's desktop theme got reset. Which probably didn't get explained at all in the following series of Professor Enigma.

- It's not a bad thing that her two hearts are asynchronous; they're supposed to be. It'd be a bad thing if they weren't.

- By rights, they should be about to crash into seven-year-old Amelia Pond's back garden, but I'm not sure that's actually what happens next, if only because, well, do I really want to subject that poor child to La Maupin and Captain Jack as well as Post-Regenerative Rampancy (Manic Phase) Professor Tyler? Good grief, what would she grow up to be with a set of formative influences like that?

Somewhere in my mental cast lounge, I think Rory just made the "well actually" face from the time when the Doctor asked him rhetorically what he would do with two Amys.
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