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#20, RE: (NF?) The Only Thing
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-30-13 at 01:55 PM
In response to message #18
>Now I'm looking forward to someday seeing River Song and Indy crashing
>a Federation Nazi Party rally.

The thing about River is that I think she's one of those characters who it's fun to know is around the universe someplace, so long as you very rarely, if ever, actually have to deal with her. :)

(Also, there are certain... logistical problems with what one might call her Canonical Deal as applied to UF. On the other hand, I do faintly regret not having thought of her a bit sooner, as she's a natural choice for the other NAU archaeology prof Liara offhandedly says can cover for her if she's not back on campus by September in Shepard's 11 Act I.)

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