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#8, RE: (NF?) The Only Thing
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-29-13 at 11:44 AM
In response to message #7
>Well, historically, female Time Lords have always been better at
>regeneration. (Romana, Destiny of the Daleks).

The main problem with relying on that evidence is that that scene is - and I realize I'm about to speak ill of St. Douglas here, Zarquon forgive me - terrible.

Anyway, it's not clear from this whether Rose deliberately didn't change, or if it just sort of... happened (or didn't happen, as you like). She may not know that herself, come to that. She's hardly in any condition to think critically about it here. :) Unlike Romana, she's certainly got some of the Doctor's post-regeneration manic-episode thing going on here. Even if your physical appearance doesn't change, it's a dicey business, regeneration - particularly that first one, given the wholesale internal changes that come along with it.

>Of course, historically, the Doctor's always been absolute rubbish at
>regenerations, as well. Sometimes, (Third to Fourth, Fifth to Sixth)
>he seems like he's not going to regenerate at all and just die.

Mm. He also has a chronic problem with the recovery curve; usually has to go and have a bit of a lie-down.

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