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#1, RE: (UF/GA) Operation Blackout Prologue
Posted by Droken on Jan-27-23 at 05:27 PM
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Well now...

That was -most- interesting. Mikoto a part of a Golden Age tale, as opposed to an FI one, is intriguing. I vaguely recall a mention in at least one story that the number of people with super-power like abilities was a lot less common back before...well, Twilight, I guess? Plus, teenage Gin! Good stuff coming, I can feel it...

Also, did I catch that right? Is the reason that principal Strickland is so centered and unflappable in his job while the Ragnarok crew and later Guy and the twins around because he's a Detian who's been principal of schools for 240+ years and has thus likely "seen it all before"?