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#20, RE: notes
Posted by Croaker on Mar-21-23 at 11:31 AM
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Random Raildex Trivia

Mikoto keeps kicking the soda machine - It ate a 10,000-yen (think $100) bill on her. As far as she's concerned, it owes her.

Arcade tokens as projectiles - They disintegrate from air friction after about 50 meters, rendering them less likely to overpenetrate fragile things nearby, such as buildings.

Could she penetrate the SDF-17's hull? Not with her typical ammunition. She'd have to find something significantly more massive to fire and actually exert herself, there. If she really, really, really wanted it, she probably could. Most of the time she goes out of her way not to come anywhere near that level of force.

Does she have other tricks? Oh my yes. :)