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#21, RE: notes
Posted by Gryphon on Mar-21-23 at 04:34 PM
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>Random Raildex Trivia
>Mikoto keeps kicking the soda machine - It ate a 10,000-yen
>(think $100) bill on her.

Well, 100 bucks at the time the gag was written. Nowadays, more like 75. Which is admittedly still a lot of money for a soda. And even more for no soda.

In UF the gag is slightly different: the student lounge Hassy machine just never comes across for her without provocation, regardless of how much money she put in it. Something about her personal electric field, probably. She always has to thump it to get what she paid for out of it. The faculty and staff, of course, don't understand that; all they see is a student habitually getting violent with the vending machine. :)

>Could she penetrate the SDF-17's hull? Not with her typical

Well, y'know, F=ma, so if m is very small, a just needs to be very large. :)

>Does she have other tricks? Oh my yes. :)

Playing and GMing the old TSR Marvel Super Heroes TTRPG at a formative age has permanently identified these maneuvers as "Power Stunts", only attemptable subject to the Judge's approval until they've been performed successfully at least twice. :)

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