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#23, RE: notes
Posted by Peter Eng on Mar-22-23 at 02:36 PM
In response to message #22
>>>Random Raildex Trivia
>>>Mikoto keeps kicking the soda machine - It ate a 10,000-yen
>>>(think $100) bill on her.
>>Well, 100 bucks at the time the gag was written. Nowadays, more like
>>75. Which is admittedly still a lot of money for a soda. And even
>>more for no soda.
>Exactly her point. (And then there was the time it ate Touma's money
>as well, so she kicked it and got, like, 40 random cans.... everything
>from "hot curry soup" to "coconut cider"....)

"Belgad Stew In A Can?!"

Peter Eng
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