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Posted by Gryphon on Jan-29-23 at 00:46 AM
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Halloran V - Who remembered that it wasn't officially renamed "Ice Planet Halloran V" until 2409? I almost didn't. :)

checked out on NFP ops - NFP is a WDF initialism for "Non-Flying Personnel", that is, people aboard small craft who aren't pilots. Although officially the term for non-pilot crew members like VA-1 Judicator weapons officers and the gunners, bombardiers, and whatnot aboard Broadsword bombers, it was also commonly used for non-combat personnel and civilians who found themselves riding one of the crew seats in such craft in unusual circumstances. The checkout included basic safety matters such as where to plug in your vacsuit's life support lines, what not to touch (basically everything), and how to ride the Crazy Chair if the situation demands it.

I'll even turn off your window switch - I'm pretty sure the real Daytona From Hell didn't have power windows, but, you know, upgrades.

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