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#5, RE: (UF/GA) Operation Blackout Prologue
Posted by Gryphon on Jan-29-23 at 00:52 AM
In response to message #1
>I vaguely recall a mention in at
>least one story that the number of people with super-power like
>abilities was a lot less common back before...well, Twilight, I guess?

This is true. Superpowered humans of Earth descent (at least those who didn't get them from Weird Science, partial alien ancestry, or suchlike external influences) were quite rare before the 2390s. The phenomenon was just becoming recognizably emergent in the mid-22nd century, when this piece is set, which is a thing we'll get into in the main body of the piece.

>Also, did I catch that right? Is the reason that principal Strickland
>is so centered and unflappable in his job while the Ragnarok crew and
>later Guy and the twins around because he's a Detian who's been
>principal of schools for 240+ years and has thus likely "seen it all

I prefer to leave it ambiguous whether the Stricklands of various eras represent a long family line, like the Chins of Dìqiú's Western Empire bureaucracy, or are all the same long-lived guy. They are, however, all played by the same actor. :)

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