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#18, RE: Omnibus 4 is now in production...
Posted by Gryphon on Jul-30-09 at 11:29 PM
In response to message #16
>who hopes you didn't look to David Weber's take on CS Forrester as

While I have felt no particular need to investigate spacegoing derivatives of Forester, I confess I have perused a number of those who followed him in fictionalizing the same basic period - O'Brian, Dudley Pope, and Alexander Kent, mainly. (I did read An Eye of the Fleet, the first volume in Richard Woodman's Nathaniel Drinkwater series, but I didn't find it engaging and won't be continuing with that series. The brutality of life at sea in the Revolutionary-to-Napoleonic period is something that's inescapable in any such series, and rightly so too, but Woodman seems to have an unnerving fascination with it at times, dwelling on the unsavories like Hannibal Lecter talking about livers. I find it offputting.)

Mind you, this was not so much in the way of research as just because I happen to like that sort of novel.

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