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#10, RE: Correspondence III: 2400-2410
Posted by Gryphon on Apr-07-10 at 09:52 PM
In response to message #8
>For instance, will we get to see Utena's and Corwin's rescue-mission?

Not sure; possibly.

>What, exactly, happened in the attack on the Rayya? Was is something
>we've seen, and I just haven't linked, or something else?

No, it hasn't appeared. The ship was attacked by the Pfhor - the first time they'd engaged in ship-to-ship combat on purpose (as opposed to being bounced by defense forces while attacking a planet, as in The Vastru Encounter when the Eidolon took on their motherships). They were trying to take part or all of the Rayya's crew. Colonel Zorah and his people put a stop to that.

>And speaking of that, was that obit dated on purpose, as I assume, or
>was it just coincidence?

Just a calendric coincidence. I wanted the event and its aftermath to span a weekend in the middle of July, and that year, the Friday of the second weekend happened to be the 13th.

>And also, I would like to note that, above and beyond the others, the
>50-years note was, well, spectacular.

Thanks. That was probably the hardest work (although not the part that took the longest to do) of anything in this installment.

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