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#31, RE: Correspondence III: 2400-2410
Posted by Zuki on Apr-08-10 at 08:01 PM
In response to message #27
LAST EDITED ON Apr-08-10 AT 08:04 PM (EDT)
>(In fact, given that we know from Correspondence that quarian
>information technology played a huge part in the development of the
>Next Generation Warship control systems, it's likely that the entire
>operating system the AF-1 uses to coordinate all its myriad parts and
>manage operator I/O was developed by QuarTech. As, probably, were the
>suit's environmental control systems. Nobody builds better breather

I rather liked that, but I forgot to mention it in my original post. As an explanation to help justify why a ragtag bunch of kids and high-school heroes are thrown together onto the Valiant for Space Opera Time and it all goes swimmingly, it works. Such an occurrence was, indeed, part of the design goalsfrom the beginning!