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#56, RE: Correspondence III: 2400-2410
Posted by Bushido on Apr-10-10 at 09:31 AM
In response to message #3
>The geth have appeared only once since the Evacuation; apart from that
>one incident, which is still not fully understood, they stay behind
>the Perseus Veil and don't bother anybody.

This makes me wonder what, exactly, the Geth are up to. Given all the other Synthetic Sentient races in the UFverse they could learn from, most notably the Cybertronians, would the Schism between the Heretics and the "True" Geth still have formed? The scariest possibility being Unicron getting involved with them. I highly doubt Gryphon (author) will ever introduce the Reapers to UFverse, due to both the number of villains and adversaries already present and the difficulty of integrating it into the storyline. Besides, if all else fails Gryphon (character) could just dust off and power up New Avalon's moon (read: the Armored Tyranny and Terror) and take a few potshots at the Reaper fleet.

PS. When referring to Gryphon, what's the best way to differentiate between the author and the character?