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#64, RE: Correspondence III: 2400-2410
Posted by JeanneHedge on Apr-11-10 at 07:49 PM
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>I would assume that he, as Astynax noted, refer to Kei and her being
>unreachable by lens.
>Of course, the holes in that idea are...substantial.

I've thought the baddies in that case were the UF-verse's version of the The Shadows (from Babylon 5). That idea probably has more to do with Morden being on the mission with Kei, and the Icarus thing in B5, than anything else, though. (and now Chronicles III specifically says Kei went missing on Z'ha'dum)

Or not. (there are some very clever writers involved with these storys, after all) :)


Jeanne Hedge
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