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#8, RE: Correspondence III: 2400-2410
Posted by MoonEyes on Apr-07-10 at 08:54 PM
In response to message #0
WELL...it took me several hours to read this, with numerous interrupts and also because I wanted to take my time, so I'm sure there have been other messages/replies. Very very lovely, indeed. But, of course, a few questions do appear.

For instance, will we get to see Utena's and Corwin's rescue-mission?

What, exactly, happened in the attack on the Rayya? Was is something we've seen, and I just haven't linked, or something else?

And speaking of that, was that obit dated on purpose, as I assume, or was it just coincidence?

And also, I would like to note that, above and beyond the others, the 50-years note was, well, spectacular.