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#20, RE: Preliminary Report: Operation TRIDENT
Posted by Meagen on May-03-09 at 04:51 AM
In response to message #0
Seems like everyone's had their share of Awesome moments.

> He ordered Force TRIDENT to leave the system immediately or
>be subject to attack as pirates interfering with a lawful peacekeeping
>mission. I informed him that I was not born yesterday and hostilities
>commenced at MET 00:40.


> At one point EAS Elbridge Gerry did engage Swordbreaker,
>attempting to drive the media ships off, but Swordbreaker's
>counterattack had crippled Gerry before any Force TRIDENT
>vessels could maneuver to intervene.


> - A group of TacDiv operators from Prometheus, led by SA1
>agent Nikola Tesla, were on the verge of overtaking Salton Reactor
>entirely despite heavy resistance from Earthforce armored jump
>troopers and at least one Expert-level Black Omega esper agent (see
>attached dossier);
>Again, all personnel performed excellently. I must take special note
>of Prof. Tesla, whose heroism in the capture and preservation of
>Salton Reactor was conspicuous, and of one of our volunteers in
>Valiant, the Hon. Peregrine Took (58th Baroness Tuckborough),
>who was personally responsible for neutralizing the Black Omega esper
>agent in command of the city prison's occupation force.

Awesome. ...wonder who this particular "Expert-level Black Omega agent" is?

>At MET 05:33, I requested the surrender of Colonel Michael Plummer,
>General Drake's adjutant; when his only response was to attempt a
>(completely futile, given the tactical situation at that point)
>personal attack, MCPO Spartan was obliged to subdue him.
>At MET 05:34, I accepted the surrender of Lieutenant Colonel Andrea
>Kopala, General Drake's deputy adjutant, and hostilities ceased.


>Illustrious carried out an orbital infantry drop operation while under >heavy fire from the destroyers of DESRON-14, for spacemanship during which >operation I must particularly commend Captain Soandso.

Wait, what? Is this a placeholder Utena accidentally left in, or is there an actual Captain Soandso? (Did she hang out with three other girls named Chrrl'd'r, Watserface and Ug'-li-wan when she was younger?)