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#3, RE: Preliminary Report: Operation TRIDENT
Posted by Offsides on Apr-30-09 at 05:44 PM
In response to message #2
>>I -really- want to see just what happened in the bunker.
>When writing the report, I was inordinately pleased with the volumes
>that are implied by the simple phrase,
>MCPO Spartan was obliged to subdue him.
It does at that.

>>And that fits
>>the Danzig in nicely...thank you for filling in that bit of the
>It could - and will, by some authorities - be argued that the
>Earthforce invasion of Tau Ceti was orchestrated when it was to
>provide cover for the Danzig disaster. Also, I hope that
>stands as an indication that the first version of A Day of
is far from completely superseded.
If anything, it just goes to show that while things ma have evolved to change some of the details, you were very much in the right part of the ballpark when it was written. I just look at this as a case of "well first you got the movie version based on the limited information released at the time, and now you're getting the real story that couldn't be told until now."


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