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#35, RE: Preliminary Report: Operation TRIDENT
Posted by Peter Eng on May-05-09 at 01:15 PM
In response to message #34
>Okay, I'm not all _that_ familiar with the source material, but I have
>the impression that a fold drive requires a reflex furnace.

I'm not sure whether or not that's true in UF. If I remember correctly, it's possible to power a fold drive without overtechnology, it's just horribly expensive, rather bulky, and may require highly unstable hazardous material to fuel the power source.

>And a bit of googling (not being familiar with Swordbreaker's source
>material at all) shows it as having two parallel extensions in front.
>If the implication I'm seeing isn't all in my head, yeah....

I think it's not so bad as all that. But it's still got the power to make a complete hole in a starship that is expecting something with less oomph.

On the other hand, if it does have a Reflex cannon, I can imagine Truss saying, "Valen, if I ever see you, I'm going to have you explain why I need one of these."

Peter Eng
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