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#42, RE: Preliminary Report: Operation TRIDENT
Posted by JeanneHedge on Jan-22-11 at 12:11 PM
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Yes, I realize it's been a while, but I love historical references. On a 2nd reading, I've noticed one that I wanted to make note of, since others may be interested, and it's not been noted here earlier. (this thread's not in the archive, according to the search engine)

>At 1933 hrs local time, the Federation starship USS Charles B.
NCC-23295 entered the system and hailed both Task Force
>TRIDENT and Government House. Captain Olivia Naquin informed us of
>the destruction of USS Danzig and the death of Federation
>President Santiago.

Captain Naquin of the Momsen, eh? Very fitting - although I hope her career has been a little less "exciting" than her namesake.

For those who'd like to know more, I suggest researching Lt. Cdr. Charles Momsen, Lt. Oliver Naquin, and the events surrounding the submarine USS Squalus (SS-192) during the summer/fall of 1939.


Jeanne Hedge
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