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#6, RE: Preliminary Report: Operation TRIDENT
Posted by Gryphon on May-01-09 at 02:13 AM
In response to message #5
>(CPT Sir D. Soandso, Bart.)
>What does Bart stand for? name or some sort of Salusian order like

It's shorthand for "Baronet", the lowest rank of the peerage. Baronets are styled "Sir $FIRSTNAME", but they aren't dubbed like knights, so "Bart." is appended to their names instead of the initials of a chivalric order.

>(CMDR V. Leeds)
>Welcome back Vanessa! Trying to remember... was she part of the
>Son's backup bridge crew, or part of the alternate Uni crew G brought

Vanessa's from the Split Infinitive universe; she was USS Invincible's comm officer (and went on to hold that same position aboard WDF Concordia during Crossroads).

>IPS Prometheus CVS-101 (CPT K. Sterling)
>IPS? I take it the WDF seconded her to the IPO when they decided they
>needed a carrier?

Not quite; this may refresh your memory.

>IPS Assailant NCC-06067 (CMDR R. Hoshino)
>I see Ruri got a much deserved promotion.

Indeed. She stayed as G's yeoman for much longer than, by rights, she should have, so once she left that job her advancement curve was pretty steep.

>EAS Retiarius, Retiarius-class Perimeter Control Vessel
>Perimiter control?

Perimeter Control Vessel is what Earthforce calls interdictors (in UF, "Interdictor" is actually a trademark of GENOM's subsidiary Kuat Drive Yards).

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