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#0, A17 Our Witches at War Promo Spot #1
Posted by Gryphon on Jan-25-15 at 08:58 PM
LAST EDITED ON Jan-27-15 AT 05:07 PM (EST)
This started airing off and on during various afternoon and evening shows on Avalon Broadcasting's various channels not long after Our Witches at War premiered.

INT. DAY. The 501st Joint Fighter Wing's hangar. A couple of the Striker Unit launch stages can be seen in the background; in the foreground is the "conference table" from the last scene in Episode 01. Off to the left of shot, IVAN IVANOVICH can just be seen, slumped in the corner.

SANYA V. JUUTILAINEN-LITVYAK enters from frame right, carrying her Fliegerhammer rocket launcher. She addresses the camera in a comically thick Orussian accent - much thicker than she actually has on the show.

I am heavy weapons witch, and this...

She places the Fliegerhammer heavily on the table, then rests a hand proprietorially upon it.

... is my weapon. He weighs thirty kilograms and fires custom-built 40mm fin-stabilized unguided rockets with high explosive armor-piercing warheads, up to nine at a time.

She smiles.

It costs 450,000 rubles to fire a full salvo from this weapon.

JUMP CUT. Same scene, but SANYA is in a different position (and so, very subtly, is IVAN). She stands by the table, looking fondly down at the Fliegerhammer, then takes on a look of dismay and bends down for a closer inspection.

Боже моя. Who touched Eino?

She straightens up and turns angrily to her left, facing toward the (unseen) main room, her face going red.

(furious, at the top of her voice)

JUMP CUT. Same scene again, from a different camera angle. SANYA, calmer now, is seated at the end of the table with her feet up. Behind her, IVAN's pose has changed slightly again. (He's giving a V-sign this time.) From this angle the sign inside his visor can be read; it says ЛЮБОВНИК ("LOVER") for no readily evident reason.

Some Neuroi think they can outrun me.

She nods thoughtfully.

Maybe. Maybe.

With a nasty smile, she holds up a round of Fliegerhammer ammunition. The overhead lights twinkle from the copper cap on the warhead.

I have yet to meet one who can outrun rocket.

JUMP CUT. EXT. DAY, aerial battle scene. Various members of the 501st dart here and there, harassing a badly damaged Neuroi. In the foreground, Sanya finishes reloading her Fliegerhammer with a thing like a giant revolver speedloader, then shoulders it and starts ripple firing all nine rockets.


The NEUROI'S core shatters; it explodes into fragments.

REVERSE ANGLE on SANYA'S face; she's flushed and sweating, panting for breath, her eyes sparkling. Smoke curls up from the muzzles of her Fliegerhammer. To her left, EILA hovers a safe-ish distance away, eyeing her with a combination of wariness and lust.

(satisfied, breathless murmur)
Cry some more.


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