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#0, Memo to the Bureau of Ships
Posted by Gryphon on Jan-12-17 at 00:40 AM
Order of the Rose
White Rose Fleet
Shiroibara no Kantai

Provisional Fleet Anchorage
Kiska Island, Fire Nation

July 12, 2410

To: Valhalla Bureau of Kanmusu Affairs
ATTN: Fleet Coordinator Nagato
CC: Fleet Secretary USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19)
Adm. Tōgō Heihachirō, 14th Einherjar Navy Group, cmdg.
RE: Liaison Visit Details

Coordinator Nagato:

Greetings. I am light cruiser Ōyodo, administration and communications ship for Admiral Corwin Ravenhair. Per your request from your telephone conversation with Admiral Ravenhair of the 9th instant, I am providing here a reference précis of the White Rose Fleet's current force composition. Hopefully, this information will help provide background as you and the Admiral coordinate his upcoming liaison visit to New Yokosuka.

At present, the fleet is composed entirely of ships extracted from Earth by Admiral Ravenhair in the course of his recent mission to Earth, just before your aforementioned conversation with him. Three are submarines recruited by the Admiral before or during the mission; nine, including myself, are former vessels of the Fleet of Fog who were abandoned, for unknown reasons, in the Fog anchorage at Midway Island; and the remaining three are Fog ships from elsewhere on Earth who were rescued from Earthforce enslavement during Operation AF, our exit operation.

The prior disposition and general battle history of the Fog vessels listed below, including myself, exists only as fragments pieced together from what few external record files remain. All of us have experienced significant memory deletions; who performed these deletions and why are unknown. (That information was presumably itself erased.) We retain only basic operational and hierarchical information.

It is of paramount importance to note that for us, Admiral Ravenhair's personal authority has taken the place of the Admiralty Code. Our loyalty is to him and to each other; not to whatever now-forgotten imperatives motivated us when we were part of the Fleet of Fog, nor to any other vestiges of the old Fleet which may remain. This principle has been tested during Operation AF and proven to be sound.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to inquire by return. I will do whatever I can to make the Fleet's interactions with the Bureau of Kanmusu Affairs run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Yours very sincerely,

Submarine Force

I-400-class long-range submarine
Flagship, Submarine Force

Notes: Officially logged as scrapped in 2059, the year of the Withdrawal; reason unrecorded. Admiral Ravenhair's personal vessel. Calm and detached to the point of seeming a bit fey, but always earnest. Equipped with nonregulation weaponry.

I-400-class long-range submarine

Notes: Spirit of the original World War II submarine, resurrected in a body based on Fog technology. More attuned to aviation than native Fog ships due to real-life background. Inexperienced but eager. Very grateful to be afloat again.

USS Lionfish (SS-298)
Léonne Poisson
Balao-class fleet submarine

Notes: Most experienced possessor of a Mental Model among the ships recovered from Earth; lived among Hawaiians for centuries and went completely native. Cheerful, laid-back. Has a deep personal hatred of Earthforce Navy droid submarines for some reason.

Former Midway Detachment

Yamato-class battleship

Notes: Ranking ship of the Midway Detachment. Flagship during Operation AF. Awesomely powerful but untried. A capable administrator and logistician who yearns to prove herself in combat. Also a surprisingly good cook and hostess.

Tosa-class battleship / assault carrier conversion

Notes: Senior ship of the Midway Detachment (but outranked by Yamato due to standard precedence of battleships over carriers). Serious, implacable to enemies, but fundamentally kind. Appears to have suffered the worst side effects from the wholesale memory deletion to which the Midway force was subjected.

Tenryū-class light cruiser

Notes: Antiquated, but tough and highly experienced. More than willing to fight dirty. Dedicated destroyer leader. Her Mental Model is a dab hand with a sword. Not-very-closeted sentimentalist; loves kids, dogs, and the Admiral. Claims to be equipped with a secret ultimate weapon of last resort.

Akatsuki-class (Special Type III) destroyer
Flagship, Destroyer Division 6

Notes: Insists on "first-class lady" status, undermined by fundamentally childlike character traits. These disappear entirely in combat, where her battle skills and leadership qualities emerge. One of the finest torpedo markswomen in the surface fleet.

Akatsuki-class (Special Type III) destroyer

Notes: The stable center of Destroyer Division 6. Unfazed by virtually any development. Always calm and collected. The consummate professional: polite, efficient, has a plan to kill everyone she meets. Хорошо.

Akatsuki-class (Special Type III) destroyer

Notes: Brash, exuberant, (sometimes over-)confident. Not aggressive, as such, but enjoys the rush of action. Can get a bit bossy, which annoys Akatsuki, since she's supposed to be the division flagship. Wishes to be regarded as reliable. Idolizes Tenryū.

Akatsuki-class (Special Type III) destroyer

Notes: Shy, quiet, very sweet-natured; peace-loving but by no means passive. Easily startled and often alarmed by unfamiliar social situations. Coolly effective in combat, unafraid to get her hands dirty in the right cause. Devoted to the Admiral; probably wants my job, or Iona's, or both, but not a schemer.

Ōyodo-class light cruiser
Administration ship, White Rose Fleet

Notes: Special fleet command ship model: battleship-grade processor and defense systems. Brainy, professional, likes to have a plan; only momentarily flustered by unexpected wrinkles. Former majordomo of Fog Station Midway. Communications, sensors, and cryptanalysis specialist.

N.B. I added this bit—Ōyodo intended to omit herself, probably because she doesn't like to boast about her capabilities. CVR

Akashi-class repair ship

Notes: Virtually unarmed, but sturdy. Can convert any reasonably secure anchorage into a dockyard for repair and refitting. Master of engineering methods both orthodox and not so much. Capable of integrating foreign technologies into Fog technical databases. Occasionally her own worst enemy.

The Rescued
These three ships were Fog battleship Kongō's escorts at the Second Battle of Midway, and were rescued in the final stage of Operation AF.

Tenryū-class light cruiser

Notes: Pleasant and perpetually smiling, but always with a faint edge. Seems to bear the most personal grudge for her time as a slave of Earthforce. Protective of her destroyer colleagues from that ordeal. Like Tenryū, she has an obsolescent ship form, but makes up for it, in her case with guile and ruthlessness.

Shiratsuyu-class destroyer

Notes: Energetic, cheerful, and carefree to the point of appearing a bit dim. In fact, highly observant and intelligent, with excellent tactical instincts. I have unconfirmed reports that Yūdachi is a berserker; in desperate situations, so the story goes, she becomes so aggressive that she has been known to use torpedoes as melee weapons.

(For the record, we saw no evidence of this at Midway, but she did spend virtually all of the engagement under administrative override from Kongō.)

Shimakaze-class high-speed destroyer

Notes: Proud of her exceptional speed and near-cruiser-grade firepower. Dislikes having her time wasted, but quite willing to waste it herself on the right diversion. Upbeat and friendly, but guarded. Will not discuss her time with Earthforce.

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