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#11, RE: Memo to the Bureau of Ships
Posted by Gryphon on Jan-12-17 at 05:02 PM
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Oh yeah—I should probably note that Ōyodo is using some quite old-fashioned language in her official correspondence. For example, "of the 9th instant" is an archaic and formal way of saying "of the 9th of this same month I'm writing to you in," dating back to days when letters could take weeks or months to reach their intended recipients. She restrains herself from going the whole hog with the sort of convoluted obseqiousness that was common of naval correspondence in the age of sail ("I remain, sir, your most humble obedient and worshipful servant," etc.), but there is an element of same in the way she approaches writing to a figure like Nagato. (Or Admiral Togo, come to that.)

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