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#28, RE: Memo to the Bureau of Ships
Posted by ebony14 on Jan-16-17 at 04:03 PM
In response to message #3
>"Known to use torpedoes as melee weapons"...?
>That's it, you just pegged my boggle-o-meter, it went >ker-ping< and
>the needle shot off thataway. --------->
>Now I'm definitely looking forward to the next story involving
>these characters!

Once upon a time, there was a tabletop RPG called "Torg" (look it up; they're doing a rewrite). In the list of explosives was the common torpedo (as much as there is such a thing). It listed a staggering amount of damage... and no burst radius (due to a typo). This led players of said tabletop RPG to determine that torpedoes could, in fact, be used as melee weapons, provided you could lift it. It might have even been attempted by one of the playtest teams (or at least suggested and then 86ed by the GM).

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