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#16, RE: H2G2: Metropolis
Posted by Mercutio on May-28-17 at 11:01 PM
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Your interpretation of Luthor is interesting. I mean... in many ways its a classic "take a villain, make them either not a villain or not as bad a villain" Eyrie reconstruction, but it sort of charts an interesting course with him. This clearly isn't the pre-Crisis "flies around in a suit of power armor, is basically a mad scientist" Luthor. He has more in common with the modern "his superpower is being really good at business" version of Luthor, with just a touch of the "I don't like that alien" about him, but he isn't entirely that either, because that version of Luthor is single-mindedly self-destructive in his pursuit of vendetta; he is, in fact, basically Largo. (Although even that version would probably resent and vehemently deny the comparison, because Lex Luthor's other superpower is not being able to see the beam in his own eye because he's too busy evaluating the motes in others.

He just seems like kind of a rich, smart asshole.

>One Corporate Sector-based observer likened it to a slice of the Orron
>IV ecumenopolis dropped unceremoniously into the grain fields of its
>neighboring farm planet, Orron III, though this comparison implies a
>discontinuity of aspect that the greater Metropolis area cannot be
>accused of possessing by anyone whose sensibilities have not been
>warped by a lifetime in the Corporate Sector.

Man, this is going to be a hell of a tangent, but... I love it when you reference the Corporate Sector and I especially love it when you directly reference the parts of it specifically in the Han Solo novels. They're three of the best pieces of Star Wars media ever produced (especially the first one, which is nearly as perfect a Star Wars adventure there can be and is proof you don't need Jedi for that setting to be interesting), and probably the best books Brian Daley, who is otherwise not a very distinguished writer, produced.

I just really like the Corporate Sector is all. ^.^; It's a great set-piece with a million possible story hooks.

This is a good entry, although if you'll permit me a criticism, it seems much more Galactipedia than H2G2. There isn't actually all that much directly useful information for a galactic vagabond in here; this is basically a Galacticpedia entry but with style-violating editorial asides.

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