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#18, RE: H2G2: Metropolis
Posted by ebony14 on May-30-17 at 12:09 PM
In response to message #2
>>First, is Ciri Kent actually Clark's descendant, or just his somewhat
>>belatedly-arrived cousin Kara? =)
>No, Kara lives in New Avalon, not Metropolis. And she's not in high
>school. (And she doesn't have a "Kent" identity; she's perfectly
>content to be Kara Zor-El on her driver's license.)

I can see Tim working up a fake ID for her (because he's a Bat, and you know... the Bat-Family are like that), and her going, "Linda Lee Danvers? That's just silly!"

And Tim nods, smiles, and stores it for the inevitable time when she'll think she needs to go undercover, and she's forgotten about it. So he can pull it out and hand it to her, and smugly enjoy the astonished look that all the others superheroes get when the Bats pull a contingency plan seemingly out of nowhere (except for the Arrows; they know how it works and aren't really that impressed).

Ebony the Black Dragon

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