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#0, DS/OOTR Art: Korra at Work
Posted by Gryphon on May-20-15 at 07:05 PM
LAST EDITED ON May-20-15 AT 10:08 PM (EDT)
"Uh, so, what happened to that thing you paused Our Witches at War to finish in May, there, chief?" I hear you cry.

Well... May happened, basically. But don't fret.

In the meantime, Doc scored us this charming commission of Korra working on the Mount Weitang house project from the later part of the Dìqiú Suite, by Adam Withers.

The graphic on her shirt is the logo of the International Brotherhood of Benders in the Construction Trades, of which she was elected to an honorary lifetime membership after the Gaoling Earthquake relief project in 177 ASC (Standard Year 2296).

I'm frankly surprised she's actually wearing her hardhat; at least 70% of the time she forgets about it or leaves it sitting or hanging on something, which occasionally prompts unseemly scrambles when the inspector from the Bureau of Occupational Safety and Health shows up unannounced.

Something doesn't seem to be going entirely according to plan here. I suspect she's about five seconds from commencing to shout at the crane operator.

"Dammit, Ryo! Tell 'em to slow down!"
"I'm doin' it, I'm doin' it, calm down, willya."

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