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#0, (CTCS) Mission Time Zero-Zero-Zero
Posted by Gryphon on Dec-24-15 at 10:29 PM
Here's our little Christmas present for the faithful this year! It's another excerpt from Challenging the Cold Silence, but with a difference: This one is configured as a sort of publisher's sample of what the whole finished product will be like. (Phil suggests thinking of it as the kind of upcoming-release sample you find at international book fairs.) Featuring two illustrations by Adam Kopala and graphic design by yours truly, here is a United Republic Space Agency special publication, Project Phoenix Flight: Mission Time Zero-Zero-Zero.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm listed first in the author credits on the fourth-wall credits page, but in the case of this particular item that's purely an alphabetical thing. Phil wrote the majority of the first draft of this particular passage!

Enjoy, and merry Christmas-and-other-proximate-holidays.

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