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#0, CTCS 50th Anniversary: No Longer the Limit
Posted by Gryphon on Jul-21-19 at 00:04 AM
"Why don't we go to the moon?"

Yue: Dìqiú's only natural satellite. For all our recorded history, she has haunted us with her beauty and impressed us with her power. Waterbenders love her. Firebenders fear her. Young lovers pray for her intercession. And always, people have wondered: Could we ever possibly reach high enough to touch her?

And if we could... do we dare try?

Fifty years ago, Professor Asami Sato led a massive international effort to do just that. Now, to mark the 50th anniversary of that historic event, the United Republic Space Agency is proud to present this special commemorative account of the mission's climax: That pivotal moment when the brave crew of the spaceship Agni V, after a journey of more than 80,000 leagues, reached their destination—becoming the first, and so far only, mortal beings from Dìqiú to visit the moon.

Excerpted from Professor Sato's award-winning memoir of Project Phoenix Flight, Challenging the Cold Silence, this is the definitive telling of a story that has captivated all Dìqiú for half a century... and counting:

No Longer the Limit