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#13, RE: CTCS Covers, Part 1
Posted by ejheckathorn on Aug-02-14 at 00:31 AM
In response to message #12
>>Right, so get one of those photon torpedoes that is actually a probe,
>>fire it straight up and see how far it gets before going "clunk!" on
>>the ceiling, *then* worry about how to cram a functional starship
>>through the interdimensonal mail slot.
>>"This is probably a stupid question, but . . ."
>Or just get one of their many friends who are superluminally capable
>on their own. "Hey, Kori, want to try and find out something
>interesting for us?"

Personally, I like the photon torpedo/probe idea better. At least make sure that whatever you send isn't going to go smash like a hard-boiled egg thrown at a brick wall before you risk someone's neck.