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#0, A Fragmentary Scene
Posted by Gryphon on Aug-10-14 at 09:57 PM
From a dream I had last night:

EXT. DAY A public square, probably somewhere in the Earth Kingdom; it's got that dusty everything-is-a-shade-of-yellow thing going on. TEAM AVATAR stand in a tight defensive formation in the middle of the square. From each of the four cardinal directions, a MOB OF BAD GUYS is charging toward them. Each one is different. There's some of those MAD MAX GUYS from "The Earth Queen", a gang of EQUALIST GIMPS, a bunch of SHAVEN-HEADED PUNKS, and what looks like most of the DAI LI.

Back-to-back with the others, ASAMI looks from one group of oncoming baddies to the next, visibly sizing them up and strategizing on the fly, before she starts giving instructions.

(indicating the punks)
Take the skinheads, Bolin.

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