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#7, RE: CTCS Promo 4: The Aeronaut
Posted by VoidRandom on Aug-20-14 at 02:16 AM
In response to message #0
>This article features a fantastic illustration by Adam Kopala, whom
>you may remember as the creator of the Phoenix Queen and
>Vengeance pics you've seen around here. We've commissioned a
>number of technical illustrations from him for CTCS, and are very
>pleased to be able to share one of them with you here in order to add
>flavor to this excerpt and give you a feel for what the rest are going
>to be like.

Everything goes better with experimental aircraft!

I've been wondering: at this point in the LoK timeline when is the rough equivalent to aerospace technology in our timeline? In "How to Fly to the Moon" it mentions heavy lift technology having been available for a bit which, if heavy lift means the same thing as historically here, would imply at least 30 tons to LEO. Since that would obviate the whole point of the story I'm assuming they have a less extreme meaning of heavy lift.

If you had Gemini/Titan IIIC equivalents (1966, 14+ tons to LEO) and was allowed to do in-orbit assembly and lunar rendezvous, I wouldn't need a Saturn V. AFAIKT, no one ever talked about the feasibility of a combined EOR/LOR approach in our timeline either despite the obvious advantages.
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