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#0, CTCS Status Update
Posted by Gryphon on Sep-29-14 at 11:12 PM
So we haven't had one of these in a while, and I figured I should mention it so people don't think the project's been abandoned or something. The text is (as near as I can figured it) around 90% in place (though not all of that is "finished" yet), and Adam's technical illustrations are done (and amazing). I won't lie, momentum took a major hit when I decided TLOK-as-a-(non-)TV-show was Dead To Me, and another when the school year started, but CTCS is not on the inactive list. At this point, because of the way the project is structured, even if we were writing the remaining text faster, it probably wouldn't make the thing come out any sooner.

Chapters are out for Outside Perspective Pre-Read with a couple of Phil's non-EPU-familiar online contacts, one of whom is at this moment cheerfully punking the fuck out of my punctuation, sentence structure, and word choices (mostly in the form of treating my deliberate stylistics touches as mistakes). It's a bit like a non-binding version of seventh grade. :)

Owing to an acute shortage of Suspects lately, if anybody seeing this would like to be considered for Inside Perspective Pre-Read, that possibility is at least semi-open (no more than one or two slots). It would of course mean that the Finished Product would be pretty monumentally spoiled for you, so think carefully on it before you volunteer if you've a mind to.

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