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Posted by BZArcher on Nov-25-14 at 04:41 PM
LAST EDITED ON Nov-25-14 AT 04:44 PM (EST)

From: TOSA
SUBJ: Crew Requirements


Per your request at the last meeting of the Spacecraft Design Group, we've identified the positions required to effectively staff and maintain the spacecraft (as currently specified) during the Flight.

1) Atmospheric System Specialist (AtSpec) - AIRBENDER
The AtSpec will be responsible for monitoring life support systems aboard ARTICLE 5 (referred from here as 'the craft'), and maintaining awareness of the air supply levels for all crew excursions, with the (projected) ability to supplement them in an emergency. The AtSpec will also assist with the maintenance and monitoring of the cryogenic plant and Secondary Propulsion Systems (SPS).

2) Fluid System Specialist (FldSpec) - WATERBENDER
The FldSpec will hold the main responsibility over the cryogenic plant which will protect the craft during launch and all uses of the Primary Propulsion System (PPS) and SPS. The FldSpec will also be responsible for maintaining fuel and oxidizer supplies to the SPS and maneuvering thrusters during flight operations.

3) Propulsion System Specialist (PropSpec) - FIREBENDER
The PropSpec will serve as primary thrust / instigator for the PPS during launch, OL, descent, return, and IL operations. While launch will be assisted by the presence of the Comet, the PropSpec will require the physical ability and endurance to meet the demands of the mission through all phases of the flight, and will be given training in the maintenance and monitoring of the PPS when not engaged in active flight duties.

4) Structural System Specialist (StrucSpec) - EARTH/METALBENDER
The StrucSpec will monitor the craft's integrity to verify that undue stress is not being placed on any part of the spaceframe, particularly at the moments of greatest load due to the use of the Comet-augmented PPS. StrucSpec will also be required to assist with landing and return operations by identifying or preparing a suitable area on the lunar surface.

5) Systems Specialist (SysSpec) - AVATAR KORRA
The SysSpec will act as a second PropSpec during launch, OL, and IL, but will also be trained and tasked to augment or replace any of the other Specialists in the event of injury or other emergency.

Command Crew

1) Pilot-in-Command (Mission Commander)
Responsible for flight operations, executive decisions in the absence of ground input, and GO/NOGO for mission operations through the course of the flight.

2) Co-Pilot (Pilot)
Assist with flight operations, primary navigation, computer operation, and maintaining the craft's instrumentation throughout the mission.

N.B. Bending ability for the Command Crew would be considered a bonus, but is in no way required by their mission duties.

If you can sign off on this, we will continue to the other deliverables for our next meeting.


cc: Mako, L. Beifong, T. Choi