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#0, (CTCS) A Scene from West Street
Posted by Gryphon on Dec-21-14 at 11:06 PM
As part of a planned holiday test activity, I'll be posting a few fragments of the source lineart for what will be one of the illustrations in Challenging the Cold Silence over the next few days, with the complete picture coming out on Christmas Eve. It depicts a scene described (but not directly shown) in Chapter 4 of the book (which has previously appeared as a promotional excerpt), taking place in Asami's office at Project Phoenix Flight's Republic City offices on West Street in the early development phase of the project.

Some of you will have seen this already, since the artist (Denise Jones) featured it on her deviantArt page. If you haven't, well, I suppose you can go find it there now if you don't want to wait, but that will make Korra sad, and hasn't she been through enough?

Here's piece 1!

Get some rest, sweetheart. You've bloody well earned it.

Tune in tomorrow for piece 2.

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