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#0, (TEASER) TLOK-B5 : A New Galactic Age
Posted by pjmoyer on Dec-30-14 at 04:39 PM

Korra looked up at the storefront. What had once been a
thriving store in the "Disciple Wong's Sound City" phonograph chain, was
now doing its best impression of an overgrown florist's shop. Spirit
vines had broken through several of the windows and had entwined around
the record racks inside. While it was still possible to enter the store,
it certainly wasn't doing anything for the consumer experience.
"I'm sorry, Avatar, but I'm at my wit's end," the shop owner
cried, watching as several puffball and mushroom spirits loitered in
the shop. "I don't mind having the spirits there, but the vines -- I
can't even get into the back room anymore!"
Korra studied the scene, a slight frown crossing her features.
"And you say the Department of Spirits tried to move the vines earlier?"
The shopkeeper nodded, the tassel on top of his hat flapping
wildly. "They came last month, and the month before that! But the vines
just keep -coming back-!"
The Avatar sighed, and shook her head. "Do I have to take those
guys through a refresher spiritbending course again? Seriously," she
muttered under her breath, directing a brief sidelong glance towards the
Spirit Department water tanker that had accompanied her to the vine
disturbance. The driver had the good sense to look abashed at Korra's
"Don't worry, I'll take care of this." Shifting into a bending
stance, Korra twisted the valves open on the nearby tanker truck. Water
flowed out, controlled by her waterbending, and twisted around the vines,
suspended in midair. Shifting stances, the water began to glow,
redirecting the spiritual energy the vines were composed of. Slowly,
the vines retracted from the depths of the store, receding into the
ground and out of the windows.
Continuing her spiritbending, Korra shifted the vines through
the ground and under the pavement, allowing the tendrils to burst forth
from the sidewalk, twisting upwards over several lamp posts, turning them
into trees in the process. Their habitation moved, the spirits in the
store ambled their way out of the shop and into the newly-grown trees.
"Go in peace," Korra said, offering the benediction that
completed the spiritbending technique. She had not discorporated the
vines, but made them more harmonious with the environment, so she felt
the statement still counted.
"Amazing," the shopkeeper said with quiet awe. "That was
incredible, Avatar Korra, thank you - aaah!"
The shopkeeper jumped, startled by the glowing form of an
elderly airbender that appeared between the two. "Korra, it's time.
We're ready for you," said the apparition.
"Thanks, Jinora," Korra replied, then turned towards the owner.
"You're welcome, but I'm afraid I can't stay." A quick gesture closed
the valves on the water tank, and another circular gesture summoned a
gust of wind which propelled her airbender's glider staff to her hand.
"Be there in five, Jinora!" she called out, before taking a running
leap and taking off to fly towards Air Temple Island.

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