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#1, RE: TLOK-B5 : A New Galactic Age
Posted by Gryphon on Jan-03-15 at 09:01 PM
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There'll be gaps in this response, as I'm just going to weigh in on the stuff, mostly worldbuildy, that's uppermost in my own head and let Phil take the rest - it's primarily his narrative, after all.

>(and given the description, was Yangchen communing with Urd?)

By the time Korra got around to asking, the Hell Yeah, We Didn't Die Again party was in full swing in Valhalla. Yangchen was communing with mead. :)

>Nice job making things fit within the timeline. Although I hadn't
>realized Maki and Corwin were that close in age - I'd thought it was
>more like a 2-3 year age difference.

Nope - a little bit less than a year, so Maki is in between Corwin and Kaitlyn in age.

>Maki must also be the youngest
>commander of the Kiyoshi Warriors in history too. (unless that's her
>rank and not her job title, but it could still apply even then)

Oh, heck, nah. I think Suki was 14 in Avatar: The Last Airbender, and she was in charge of the whole operation. (And Maki wasn't a commander when we saw her at around that same age in Three Views, but a rookie KW leaving the island for the first time.)

We don't have a firm chain-of-command structure for the "modern" KW, but I think it works a bit like a ninja clan - you've got the one person in charge of the whole thing, the mid-level people who each command a squad, and the squaddies themselves. (It's a somewhat larger organization "now" than it was in Avatar Aang's day, when there was evidently only the one squad.) Maki was on the lowest rung in Three Views and is a squad commander in the Dìqiú Suite - though the squad she commands is one of the most prestigious, being the one most commonly called upon to do things for the Avatar. (Also up there: the Caldera City detachment, which has functioned as the Fire Lord's equivalent of the Swiss Guard since Zuko's reign.)

>for people who were intentionally
>lower tech, how did the Zipangi end up with scan systems that were
>more than the outsiders were counting on them to have (badly worded,
>I'm referring to the Queen's report and how they knew it was a lie
>because the crew of the Queen wasn't counting on them to have been
>able to scan the area)

That has more to do with an underslept Veronica drawing the graveyard watch on the flight home and then making up a crappy cover story on the fly than any general expectations about Zipang's aerospace traffic control facilities. The planet itself is pretty rustic, but Dejima Station is a pretty well-known and respected facility, and most spacers wouldn't be surprised to find that they have pretty good regional scan capabilities.

(To draw a parallel with real-world air traffic control, bigger airports have both primary radar, which is actual radar like in war movies, and so-called "secondary radar", which mainly relies on interrogating aircraft transponders for their position and identity. Smaller airports often only have secondary. Dejima has the outer space equivalent of fairly powerful primary search radar, capable of "seeing" as far as neighboring star systems. It's not actually radar, of course, it's some kind of handwavey faster-than-light thing, but the principle is the same for fictional purposes.)

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