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#3, RE: TLOK-B5 : A New Galactic Age
Posted by TheOtherSean on Jan-04-15 at 08:40 PM
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I enjoyed this one, too. Although given the openness portrayed between Zipang and Diqui, I grow concerned for the security of both worlds. It seems like eventually this information will leak, and with the proclivities of organizations like the EA/Psi Corps, Big Fire, Sith, and (to a lesser extent) the Order of the Black Rose, that could be a bad thing.

I think I remember Corwin and Korra reflecting on what would likely happen to the Psi Corps, but even a Zipangi/Diqui victory could be an awful mess. I fear the Psi Corps and others could cause an awful lot of trouble in more subtle ways than a direct military assault.