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#0, A Scene from Storytime
Posted by Gryphon on Jan-11-15 at 03:15 PM
        "MOVING on," said Korra briskly.  Without further discussion,
she cycled through more photos, before stopping at another photograph
of the two. This one was more friendly and casual, with Korra leaning
jauntily on Asami's arm, grinning at the camera, while the taller woman,
dressed in sturdy caving clothes with elbow pads, knee pads, and
goggles, had an expression more bemused than amused. But that was
nothing compared to what was behind them - a rippling, shining disk-
shaped distortion, floating freely above a rough rocky floor in the
middle of a torchlit stone cavern.
"Wait... what -is- that?" Utena asked. "It looks kind of like
an IPO stargate, but there's no ring around it."
Korra nodded. "Close, but not quite. That's the Veil Nexus
underneath Crescent Island! It'd been buried for centuries, before the
Fire Sages found it. -I- found out about it when Asami and I were
scouting out where URSA was going to put its main launch facilities."

By Dionysia Jones.

It's worth noting that they made Tenzin take that photo before they would let him start arguing with the Fire Sages, because priorities are priorities.

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