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#0, Artwork: When In Rome
Posted by Ash_3 on Aug-14-08 at 07:24 PM
LAST EDITED ON Aug-14-08 AT 08:16 PM (EDT)
This is a piece I had done at Comic Con this year. The setup is that way back in 1944, Sgt. Victory and a few other members of the Justice Guild ended up fighting off a Nazi-led invasion of a lost Roman city in South America by a tribe of evil zombie jaguar warriors. To make a long and overcomplicated story short, they tried to sneak in dressed as locals, much to the indignity of most of the group. It should be noted, of course, that Lady Freedom looked much better in her toga, which will not come as any sort of surprise to anyone. :)

"When In Rome"
Artwork by Phil Moy

This came from me getting around to doing the Valentine's Day missions last February and getting the toga costume piece on Sarge. A visit to Icon in a fit of boredom produced this.

Discussion with other Eyriefolk lead to the art commission, which Phil Moy outdid himself on.