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#0, Triptych: The Lives of Jen Rossum
Posted by Gryphon on Oct-04-08 at 00:12 AM
LAST EDITED ON Oct-04-08 AT 06:13 PM (EDT)

"Before I Kill You, Captain Photon... "
Artwork by Phil Moy

Captain Photon, relatively early in his career, contends with a deathtrap set up by his arch-nemesis, the notorious Gen. Rossum. Actually, it's not much of a deathtrap - what kind of girl do you take her for? - but "moderateinconveniencetrap" doesn't look as good on a villain résumé.

Take My Hand
Artwork by Denise Jones

It was only a matter of time before someone in Arachnos realized that Gen. Rossum was just biding her time until an opportunity presented itself to escape their vile clutches. When they did, they set her up to take the fatal kind of fall - but they didn't count on Captain Photon's capacity for mercy.

Answering the Bell
Artwork by Jeff Moy

Not every hero would team up with his former archenemy on a more or less permanent basis. Fortunately for the newly minted Torch of Victory, Captain Photon isn't every hero. He has one strict rule, though: Now that she's no longer a general, Jen doesn't outrank him any more.

Commissioning agent: Pearson Mui
Colorist: Philip J. Moyer
Rikti Invasion background image acquired by: Chad Collier