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#0, you wanna drive like a super villain
Posted by Gryphon on Sep-17-09 at 02:21 AM
LAST EDITED ON Sep-17-09 AT 02:34 AM (EDT)
Mercedes-Benz hasn't made a car I consider really attractive, to the point where I'd actually rather like to own one myself, since the W113 "pagoda top" SL series of the late 1960s. The next SL-class, the R107 of the '70s and most of the '80s, is okay, and I wouldn't immediately resell one if it was given to me, but after that they completely lost the plot, and pretty much everything they've made since has ranged from completely uninteresting to downright hideous.

(N.B. I freely admit that might have odd taste in cars, though. I mean, I like the Mark I Series III Jaguar XJ, to the point where I would dearly love to buy the old XJ6 that's for sale here in town, even though it's showing a generous portion of what the classic car industry likes to call "original wear" and the front seats are in shockingly poor condition.)

Be that as it may, I haven't liked much of anything to come out of Mercedes-Benz's styling shop in a long time. That's changed now, anyway. Gen. Rossum, your car has arrived.

If you can't be bothered to click that link, let me... encourage you:

(Yes, yes, I know, City of... characters can't actually have cars. But if they could.)

I might have to put one of those in the next Iron Age, actually, just for the historical connection.

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