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#10, RE: after a mere four and a half years...
Posted by Meagen on Oct-01-09 at 01:28 PM
In response to message #7
>It almost makes me wanna go back into CoH with Seven of Spades (last
>seen at 27 about, oh... three or so years back.)

If you want to see how the game's changed, you can reinstall it in the next few days. There's a "four-day weekend" of double XP and access for all inactive accounts on October 8-10th.

>Almost. Champions Online is looking more like my super-speed,
>since I have a vested interest in the HERO System. We'll see, someday.

Here's the manual for Champions Online that gives a rundown of the character creation system it uses. I've been told it's not the HERO system, but I wouldn't know.