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#0, homage character of the month
Posted by Gryphon on Oct-07-09 at 02:30 PM
(not quite a parody, not quite not... )

So. In City of Heroes there are epic archetypes that are unlocked by getting a character to the level cap. I spent a very long time not doing that, but I finally have one, so the time has come to look at the hero-side epics.

Both are kind of irritatingly constrained as far as background and story goes, since they have - unlike all the others - an origin and general backstory that are prescribed by the game's built-in lore. In a way, this is a greater challenge to be creative, because the game has set out to make it harder to do that very thing. If all Peacebringers are, as the lead PB contact says, the fusion of a very specific type of alien energy being with "a willing human", well, there's your #0 issue written for you, then... or is it? Maybe that guy's wrong. Maybe he's bullshitting you. Or maybe that's just what he thinks.

Similarly, because PBs all have the same power sets with the same graphics, and those are all shiny and sparkly and white, one tends to notice that people tend to design their PBs' costumes to suit. They're usually dressed in white and many have some kind of angelic theme going on.

So, well, you know me, I gotta be different just like everyone else.

(Entertainingly, it took me five minutes flat to get my first in-game design criticism, which came while I was standing next to Ms. Liberty in Atlas Park leveling up to level 2, and which was, and I quote, "lol space suits arent brown".)

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