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#17, RE: homage character of the month
Posted by RenoDumont on Jun-09-10 at 01:01 AM
In response to message #16

>Have they? Ah, well. I suppose that means if I do start playing
>again at some point, I may actually be able to play the villain epics,
>though I can't say I have much interest in them, slaved as they are to
>the preposterous CoV backstory.

Yeah, I'm with you on that one Gryphon. I like the idea that the villains have their own epics but having them be slaves to the "IT" group of villains for the game is kind of wonky.

One of the guys in my SG/VG on Virtue is hoping that they'll let the villain epics switch sides and let a Crab Spider fight Rikti in Steel Canyon-he thinks that would be cool.

>>Also, was older Russian comsonaut suits orange at one point?
>Yes, probably; when I devised Ivan, the only picture I could find of
>Cosmonaut Ivan Ivanovich was taken with Soviet color film, with all
>that that entails. I've since run across another picture that makes
>it clear his suit was mostly orange; what I was picking up in
>the older photo was the olive drab of his parachute harness.
>His costume fails on a lot of different points of authenticity, since
>the costume designer has (or had, last year) no properly astronautical
>helmets or jumpsuits.

Either way, it's a pretty damn cool toon you've got there, Gryphon!