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#1, RE: Hail to the Chief, baby.
Posted by Ardaniel on Oct-12-09 at 01:41 AM
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In other news, my Portal Corp intern/ possible disciple of the dark arts of Oranbega, Taryn Ellison, hit 40 this weekend (from 36). Got an ill/kin troller (The Greenscreen Man, Virtue) from 6 to 14, a Warshade (Xaxna Wazoxazole, one-third of Those Wacky Wazoxazoles along with Chad's Viarga and Gryph's Zazox) from 17 to 21, a katana scrap from 23 to 24, my main brute from 30 to 32, and my new brute from 6 to 19.

Wheeeeee! My brain, so crispy.

Ard Collier
that Janice chick
Usual Suspect and general menace