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#0, COH heroes meets Avatar
Posted by CGWolfgang on Dec-27-09 at 11:45 PM
Hey Everyone,

I was goofing around COH today when I ran into a pretty well made Avatar hero. It made me laugh a bit and after complimenting her (at least I think its a her) asked if she would be terribly offended if I tried one myself. She said no and that she was looking for other players who had avatar themed characters to start a tribe.

And the thought of a bunch of Na'vi running around Paragon City was a funny image that I thought I'd share. Almost like one of those Crossover Comics.(Coming Next Month! The Rikti invade Pandora in our incredible limited edition issue!!!)

Coincidently if anyone is interested in the idea the Avatar's name was Kachiri. I'm sure she'd get a kick out of running into other Na'vi and/or making good on her supergroup idea.