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#1, RE: Going Rogue
Posted by Gryphon on Mar-04-10 at 04:42 PM
In response to message #0
>Rouge? one of those two.
No, you were right, it's "rogue". "Rouge" (pronounced, roughly, roozh) is French for "red". It's the second-most-made typo on the CoH boards after "villian". :)

>While I understand that your current finances are such that your not
>playing CoX G, have you been keeping up with the state of the rat as
>far as new issues?

Yeah, I'm aware of GR, and while what I've seen as far as pre-release hype is intriguing, I'm still a bit annoyed with Paragon Studios for building a paid expansion around something that should have been a core release feature of City of Villains.

That said, it's certainly possible that Jen will make something of a comeback once it hits the street (or, well, more likely some time after it hits the street, when it hits the discount rack). I came up with a workaround long ago by developing the Torch of Victory, but there has always been part of me that would rather have seen the original black-clad Jen and her boys taking it to the bad guys straight up.

Of course, then there would be two heroic Jens, but what the hell, I mean, there was a DC Comics character back in the '80s who was something like two heroes and three villains at the same time.

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