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#2, RE: Going Rogue
Posted by SliderDaFeral on Mar-04-10 at 06:43 PM
In response to message #1
>>Rouge? one of those two.
>No, you were right, it's "rogue". "Rouge" (pronounced, roughly,
>roozh) is French for "red". It's the second-most-made typo on
>the CoH boards after "villian". :)

That's a bit of a pet peeve right there. I'm reminded of a quote from one of the Order of the Stick prequel books ("On the Origin of PCs"):

"Well, uh, Haley, is it? It says on your application here that your class is 'rouge'. Assuming you are not actually a cosmetic applied to the cheeks and you thus meant to write 'rogue,' what kind of experience do you have?" -- Roy Greenhilt

-- Slider Da Feral (NYAR!)
MBA (Master of Battle Administration), Bash University ("Home of the Fighting Fighters!")